Universal Studios Singapore

On my birthday last year, my fav boy decided to bring me to USS! We’ve never been there so I was really excited about it! I love how the entire place is so magical, make-believe, and full of happy stuff! Even the crew who work there are generally happy and cheerful! Love this place!

Will share some photos from the day before sharing my 2-page layout.

Me pretending to be awed by the tesseract (I had to google that word because I have no idea what it was :P).IMG_0025

But I must say I’m very impressed with the decoration and finishing of all the rides, waiting areas, even the cafeterias. They try to simulate as close to the cartoon/ fairytale as possible. I’m really fascinated!


Dennis trying to pose for the camera. Haha. Because I was too slow to capture this and his ‘wow’ face was already over when I whipped out my camera so I asked him to pose.


The transformers ride! It’s my favourite of all the rides here at USS (at that time battlestar was under maintenance, but then again I might not have the guts to take it either. Haha.) I love how this ride is 3D, heck even 4D (with fire and water!!) and it’s a roller coaster but you don’t feel dizzy or scared at all. The whole engineering behind this ride is incredible. They had to get the timing and effects just right!


Next, Dennis wanted me to take the mummy ride. I almost chickened out because of the long walkway to the ride. Think narrow passages, Greek statues, cobwebs, vases, drawings all around. It’s spooky! I thought there would be stuff popping out but thank goodness it was just the waiting area.

We reached the queue and there was a very young girl in line with her mummy. Dennis laughed at me “even she dares to take this ride!” So I had no choice but to brave through it. Honestly it wasn’t as scary as I thought, because I had my eyes closed half the time (loser! Hahaha!) But what I disliked was the sudden jerks in the roller coaster and I think I almost broke my neck and wrist!


Randomly park ranger pretending they just caught a dinosaur and transporting him back to Jurrasic Park!IMG_0046

I love how they call ponchos = survival gear. See what I mean by making it so fun and real? I love make-believe!IMG_0051

Also managed to catch a live show from Madagascar penguins! I want to move it, move it!IMG_0072

Check out the awesome transformers cafe. Very futuristic!


My happy pill!


It started pouring after lunch but look at the kids playing in the rain. Truly a happy place! No mood can be dampened by the rain.


We ended off the day with an awesome dinner at Mount Faber and I got to sit the cable car! Wheeee thanks baby for making my birthday a wonderful day! 😀

Left side of my 2-page layout. I made it in a rainbow order inspired from the USS brochure! Each section was colour coded so I used the same colours and added embellishments from Elle’s Studio. They go so well together!

2014 USS 1

Right side!

2014 USS 2

And here’s the 2 page together. I stitched it up digitally so you can see that the alignment is a little off. Don’t peep so closely alright! 😛

2014 USS all

Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I hope to blog more regularly in the future! 🙂

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