January Project Life

Oh gosh I cannot believe we’re almost 7 months into this amazing year! So far I have only completed January’s PL spread and I’m severely lagging behind. But it’s ok I shall remain positive and determined that I will complete 2015 PL.

Here’s sharing January spreads with you. Happy browsing!

PL 01Jan A1

January is another special month because it’s Dennis’ birthday, and also my brother’s birthday. But at my home it’s a little weird. My dad and brother is not a fan of celebrations so we didn’t really celebrated birthdays or any occasions ever since mum passed away. Hopefully when I start my family, we’ll have more celebrations! 🙂

Title card is mainly using Freckled Fawn items.

PL 01Jan A2

PL 01Jan A3

I completed my 21st CC workshop and received my badge! Hoping to be a better leader!

PL 01Jan A4

Right side is all for documenting Dennis’ birthday at Spuds & Apron, Mount Faber. I surprised him early in the morning at his house with a GoPro. Yes that’s his birthday gift because I knew he wanted it for a very long time. Although he doesn’t do extreme sports, but I know he’s a fan of adventure. What better way to document adventures than through an action camera? 😉 He’s been making videos wherever he goes now. I shall share them on my blog soon!

PL 01Jan B1

Yep he’s my cutie all right!

PL 01Jan B2

Decided to indulge in a nice meal at Spuds & Apron since we’ve heard many good reviews and it seems like a lovely place with a great view. My favourite is this dish where they put chili crab in fried potato skin. So good!!

PL 01Jan B3

Love this happy birthday stamp from Citrus Twist!

PL 01Jan B4

One more page to document our trip to Night Safari. It was free entry for the birthday boy. I love Singapore parks because we get free entries on our birthday! #proudtobeasingaporean

PL 01Jan C1

Hehe, you can see I ran out of letter ‘H’ and replaced with a hashtag ‘#’. Creative much? 😛

PL 01Jan C2

We didn’t take many photos since it was very dark and flash was not allowed in order not to disturb the night animals. Dennis is also not familiar with his GoPro yet. And I don’t think it will function very well in low light setting as well. It’s okay, it’s the memories that will stay 🙂

PL 01Jan C3

This picture was cut out from the brochure. Haha.

PL 01Jan C4

That’s it from me! Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures. Till next time 🙂


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