December Project Life

Everybody say hurray! Because I finally finished documenting 2014. Yes five months late but I’m so glad I did. As I slot my December pages into my PL album, I can’t help but flipped through the year. It feels good to look back at what I’ve done, the new places I’ve been, the same old habits, and all the precious photos! That said, I’m still contemplating 2015 because I know it’s almost half a year gone and I have not started at all. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to catch up. And the backlog just snowballs! Yikes!

Alright, while I think about it, here’s my December pages. I actually made 4 pages because it’s my favourite-est month of all!

PL 12Dec A1

I’m so glad I used the same stamp set for all my months title card. I love the slight consistency in that because all my spreads look so different! πŸ˜›

PL 12Dec A2

This fancy caravan is from Sweet Stamp Shop. I love this stamp set so much!

PL 12Dec A3

Cute transparency alphabets from Freckled Fawn. Oh and about Freckled Fawn, I have subscribed to their Oh Deer Me kit for one year now. And I’ve decided to stop. Not that it’s anything bad. In fact I really love their goodies every month and look forward to receiving them! I also like that they are stamp set + embellishments kit because I seriously don’t need more patterned papers in my life. Haha. But I have been receiving more goodies than I can play with. And they just pile up month after month. After thinking hard, I decided I should finish using my supplies before starting my subscription again! Yes, I just might want to subscribe again in the near future!

PL 12Dec A4

Right side documenting my birthday week! Mostly Amy Tangerine products!

PL 12Dec B1

I used Amy Tangerine’s alphabet stickers for the title card. I love the font and colours!

PL 12Dec B2

My BFF’s – friends since we were 13. Missing Kathy who couldn’t come because she was unwell.

PL 12Dec B3

A date with my dearest sister! A very old Dear Lizzy sticker. I’m hoarding all the oldie but goodie! πŸ˜›

PL 12Dec B4

Page three – the start of Christmas! Lots of gift exchange and catching up with friends!

PL 12Dec C1

My dearest sisters – we never fail to meet up at Christmas every year!

PL 12Dec C2

I made a list of 3 important things using Amy Tangerine’s latest collection! I love her stuff!

PL 12Dec C3

I smudged my stamping but it’s okay! The imperfection that makes PL so special and unique to each person!

PL 12Dec C4

Last page filled with crazy pictures of a wedding I attended. It’s the first wedding I attended with Dennis and it’s funny how we’re both in black and white. I think we look like penguins! πŸ˜›

PL 12Dec D1

See how I replaced A with inverted V? I’m thinking of ways to salvage my alphabet stickers and I just might be compiling a list!

PL 12Dec D2

Along with the photo booth frenzy, I made a stamping frenzy card. Used as many Freckled Fawn stamps as I could squeeze in!

PL 12Dec D3

To end off the awesome year.

PL 12Dec D4


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