Birthday Cards – January and February

Hello there! Apologies for the lack of updates. I had been really busy with my little shop and I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me. What should be the focus of my shop? I started off selling washi tapes and they were a great hit! Then many of my friends told me I should be selling my handmade cards instead since they really like them and think there are others out there who would love my cards. So I started taking customized cards orders and there were ups and downs. Some customers were really demanding and being new to this thing, I didn’t know how to manage them. Sometimes I over-promised and under-delivered too. I guess we all learn from mistakes. Then some customers told me that I should come up with card kits so that they can try making cards too! So I did! Again, hits and misses. I also designed and made my own knick-knacks (die cuts) along the way and I really love them. This will definitely stay in my shop as I create more and more collections! I’m also bringing in more stickers, planner supplies and cute stationery just because there is a huge planner craze out there and I cannot be left out right?! 😛

Alright, back to sharing some cards. Happy viewing! 🙂

baby 2015Baby 2015 vday John 2015 Kor 2015 Sarena 2015 Sis Ting 2015


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