The bane of my life.

I had a slow and dreadful Sunday yesterday because of a migraine, yet again. I get them ever so often. Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable, other times it hurts so bad that I would have believe lightning struck my head. I have no idea why I get them. My only guess is that it’s genetic? My mummy used to get them too.

Earlier last year, I kind of figured out the cause of my migraine. I realized that whenever I did not drink enough water, my head would hurt the next day. It took me more than 10 years to get this corelation. I’ve been trying to find out the reasons so I monitored my sleep, my stress level, my activity level, my periods, my food intake, whether I had my hair dried the previous night (a common Chinese belief), etc. How silly of me to have missed out water intake! So now I make sure I finish 1.7 litres of water daily. By water I mean H2O, not sugared beverages, not alcohol, not coffee or tea.

And this corelation had worked for me for the past year! I was so happy! Now I finally knew the reason for my migraines. And better yet, I had a solution for it!

But yesterday was strange. I remembered I drank enough water on Saturday. But I still woke up with a throbbing pain in my head yesterday. First thought in the morning “ARGGGHHHHHHHH!”

So I couldn’t get much done. I had a long to-do list planned for the day but I barely checked 2 items, (1) vacuum and mop the house, (2) catch up on Oct’14 Project Life.

It was pretty bad. I spent the whole day lying on my couch.

Today, I woke up all refreshed & energized! Love it! I’m thankful for a good day! 🙂


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