Glue Solution

Every time I want to use my Beacon glue/ Glossy Accents, I have to poke a needle through the opening to get rid of the dried up glue that has blocked the opening. And this does not guarantee a smooth flow because the dried up blob might get pushed back into the glue bottle, and would end up blocking the opening again. Argh!

For those of you who have glue problems like I do, you may want to watch the video below and try out her method of preventing the above problem!

I just tried it on my Glossy Accents and it worked perfectly! I’m so stoked someone found a simple & fuss-free solution!! 😀

For my friends in Singapore, you can purchase the silicone nipple from Kiddy Palace or NTUC Fairprice. I got mine from Kiddy Palace, the brand is Faalin and it costs $4.20 for 2. I heard that Tollyjoy brand is just $2.90 for 2! So you can check them out.

Also, note that you might want to get one with slightly bigger hole so that the glue can flow out better and that it will ‘burst’ out due to high pressure when you squeeze the glue bottle.

Thanks to a fellow local scrapper for sharing this tip & I’m paying it forward! 🙂


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