August Project Life

Argh, I’m so lagging behind in my project life. I really ought to acquire some speed-scrapping skills. Uh, did I just coined that term up? Haha.

Anyhow, here’s my completed August spread. The colours are towards the duller side which I didn’t like. But it’s okay. All part of the scrapbooking process I guess!

PL 08Aug A2

Attempted some watercolouring and decided to incorporate those pieces in my PL as well. Such as Mr Sunshine over here.

PL 08Aug A3

Don’t be afraid to cut up PL cards. Exactly what I did to this yellow camera piece.

PL 08Aug A4

And we finally met baby Nuh! Gosh he has grown so big and is quite heavy to carry. Hehe. Cute little bub nonetheless and very curious about his surrounding. Grow up well & strong baby Nuh! PL card ‘Hello Baby’ is from my Etsy shop!

PL 08Aug A5
Right side of August pages.

PL 08Aug B2

Love this cute ice-cream stamp from July Oh Deer Me kit!

PL 08Aug B3

And this is Becky waiting for our first Skype date! Becky is kor’s girlfriend and she’s super cute and funny. She laughs at the smallest things and her laughter is contagious. Very. Contagious. So glad they found each other! 🙂



PL 08Aug B4

Group photo at the Induction Course. It was an insightful one day course to learn the most basics of Scouting.

PL 08Aug B5
Yep, that’s it! I’m officially 4 months behind on my PL pages but I will try very hard to catch up. Meanwhile, don’t stop crafting! 🙂


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