How far we’ve come

I’ve been busy! A good kind of busy I suppose! Busy fulfilling orders that came from the Black Friday sale (IT IS STILL ON!) & then as I sat down to take a break, I realized it’s been 2 years since I opened Dancing Quinn shop on Etsy!

There has been ups & downs and there are a few times when I asked myself a million whys. Why is sales so low? Why are there no one interested in the stuff I designed? Why are other shops making big bucks while I sulk? Seriously the low morale made me create less and less. I would envy all the other scrapbookers on Instagram and sigh with despair.

But then I would pick myself up and try harder. Again & again & again.

So there I’m proud to say that when I look back the past 2 years, I did achieve some things. Big or small, they are worth documenting so as to inspire me to work harder!! 🙂

Let’s see:

  • Opened Dancing Quinn on the December of 2012
  • In 2013, I designed and made 5 sets of knick knacks
  • Told myself that I will try harder the following year but I guess I did not push myself
  • In 2014, I only designed 3 sets of knick knacks
  • Brought in various items to sell like washi tapes, buttons, sequins, stickers, die cuts
  • Also started taking in customized cards orders & making instock cards

I guess I really love card making so this will stick for a while. As for washi tapes, I’m not sure if I will bring in more. I’m still exploring many other scrapbooking supplies which people might like.

Hopefully 2015 will be a bigger & better year yet!! 😀

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