Cameron Highlands Part 3

Hello! I’m finally here to post part 3 of the Cameron trip. It’s been so long because I got distracted making cards and trying to complete my PL that I neglected scrapping photos of the trip!

On the second day, we woke up really early (at 5.30am) to catch the sunrise. 2 years ago, Dennis and I watched a sunrise at Cameron Highlands too! But silly me deleted all the photos thinking that I have them backed up at my hard disk. Tsk! I was really mad at myself for a few days.

When we finally dragged our sleepy selves to the hotel lobby at 6am, all other guests were already gathered and the tour guide was taking attendance. Off we drove to our vantage point! Note that this point differs every time as it depends on where you can get the best view.

We had to be there early so that we can see the gradual transition of the sunrise. Glad that the tour included breakfast set so we could enjoy a hot cup of tea & sandwiches while waiting for the emergence of the “egg yolk”!

What greeted us after a 20 minutes wait!

Sunrise 02

The epic perfect sunrise with my favourite boy! 🙂

Sunrise 04

TIP 8: Bring a big tripod if you plan to capture good photos. We brought a mini one (which was better than nothing) but we needed to find other props to elevate the camera.

Sunrise 03

TIP 9: Since our hotel has buffet breakfast provided, we decided to save the breakfast set from the sunrise tour as we were heading out later in the day.

Titiwangsa Tours & Travel [Sunrise]
RM 65 per pax
36, Brinchang Main Road, 39100 Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-491 1452

After the sunrise tour, we were driven back to our hotel. We had a good 2 hours to enjoy our buffet breakfast before the next tour picked us up at 10am.

I wanted something fun and challenging so the nice people at Titiwangsa recommended jungle trekking tour!

Jungle 04

Lots of eucalyptus trees at the entrance of the park!


I actually forgot what is the name of this place but there was an admin office here for you to get your camping permit, maps, etc. I’m so glad our tour guide is a nice and friendly chap who kept joking throughout the tour. Sure made it more enjoyable! There were 3 couples on this tour (us inclusive) so it was a small and manageable group.

Jungle 03

Jungle 05

A full layout to document the awesome trekking adventure! It was a fairly easy trek uphill but I really enjoyed going down! It was steep and muddy and dangerous! I had to grab any tree trunk or vines in sight to prevent myself from slipping and falling!

Jungle 02

Unfortunately after the trek, I developed a bad rash on my arm and neck.

Get ready for an eeky picture:


Yes this is a full blown allergic reaction that caused me discomfort during the rest of the trip and on the bus ride back to Singapore.

Titiwangsa Tours & Travel [Jungle Trekking]
RM 95 per pax
36, Brinchang Main Road, 39100 Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-491 1452

TIP 10: I have a history of hives and eczema so I should have known better to bring calamine lotion and/ or antihistamine on this trip. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me that I would be needing them. Big note to self!

We went for a late lunch after the jungle trekking and spent the rest of the afternoon roaming around Tanah Rata. We could have went back to the hotel earlier but another couple wanted to share a taxi with us back to Copthorne Hotel so we had plenty of time to spare.

The evening ended with a good hot shower back at the hotel and a really sumptuous dinner at Chef Weng restaurant.

Our half eaten fish head curry! The service crew served us this dish in medium size when we ordered small size. In the end we had to top up a little more since it was a size bigger but boy was it all worth it! Fresh ingredients + fragrant curry in a pot. Not to mention this is Dennis’ favourite dish too! 😀 #happybelly


That sums up our mini getaway!

You can read part 1 here and part 2 here! 🙂 Enjoy!


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