Saturdate: Llao Llao, POP & Working Title

This is kinda a late post but I thought I wanted to document our Saturdate. 🙂 Because I brought my camera out and took some pictures! It’s been a long time since we went out for a long day and I’m happy!

We were at Somerset 313 for lunch and I saw the highly raved froyo outletLlao Llao and told Dennis I really wanted to try that! But there was a really long queue (at least 25-30 people) and I wanted to give it a miss. Dennis knows me really well though; he insisted to queue since he could tell I really wanted to try it. Thanks baby!


I like how generous the servings were. We ordered a sanum (3 layers of fruits + 1 muesli + sauce) and it costs only $5.90.

We had mango, strawberries, blueberries, almonds & wild berries sauce.

Verdict: sauce was way too sweet (in an artificial way) for our liking. We’d probably go sauce-less next time round. Oh and it wasn’t worth the queue. It’s better to spend that 30 minutes doing something more productive! 😀


With froyo in hand, we went across the road to Scape for Pop In Progress 2015 Chapter 1 competition. The event venue was really dark so I didn’t take any photos. You can watch all the videos here! Even though I’m not a dancer, I really enjoy tagging along to dance events. It’s like watching a performance! 😀

Me chilling in a corner!


We ended off the day at Working Title at Arab Street. Dennis stumbled upon this quiet cafe and wanted to bring me here. I really enjoyed the place! A very chill cafe with friendly service crew. Note to self: try the truffle hashbrown next time!



Our salted caramel chocolate tart. I couldn’t taste the salted caramel, so overall it was just an average chocolate tart. I really enjoyed our drink though (can’t remember what it was called).


Thanks baby for the wonderful date! 🙂 love you!


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