Birthday Cards – August and September

Hello to a brand new month! 🙂 We’re down to the last quarter of twenty-fourteen and it makes me a little weepy how time flies! I made 7 cards over the last 2 months for my friends and I’m here to do a quick post to share what I’ve done!

For sis Ting’s baby princess – little cheeky Clarisse who turned 3 this year!

Clarisse 2014

For my 2 favourite kiddos whom I’ve not met for a really long time! 😦 I do miss them and hope they are growing up well.

Claudette 2014

Davian 2014

For a new colleague at work.

Jerrold 2014

For my dearest housefly sis Noi (I don’t hate her like I hate housefly but we’re irritating like houseflies hence the nicknames hehe)!

Sis Noi 2014

For a sweet girlfriend Aimee, friends for nearly 14 years! 🙂

Aimee 2014

Last but not least, Felina from my AK (Animal Kingdom) family!

Felina 2014

Hope you enjoyed the cards and thanks for dropping by today! See you soon! 🙂


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