Photography 101

Hello there! Hope your day has been great so far. Today I want to share some photography tips. Nope, don’t let the title fool you. I’m not gonna teach you photography. I’m no expert myself and I’m still learning how to take good photos and what sort of post-processing to do to enhance my photos.

But I recently came across 3 interesting and useful posts on photography that I wanna share. All of them take really good, bright white shots of their works. Good photos make your craft stands out because people tend to get attracted to bright and clear photos (at least for me). It also highlights all the details.

1. Felicia (Papier Projekt)
URL: About the photographing of Scrapbooking Layouts

Use 2 large canvases to illuminate the bottom of the page especially if it has foil (to reflect the light).

2. Stephanie (Stephanie Makes)
URL: Project Life: How I photograph my pages

Use manual mode and overexpose photos such that they look what they do in naked eye.

3. Paper Clipping
URL: PRT219 – Acrylic Block Behind It
Guests: Ali Edwards, Leena Loh, Debby Hughes

There were lots of great tips here which is impossible to summarize so I highly recommend that you tune in to them!

Hope you found those tips useful! I sure learnt a lot from those blog posts. See ya around soon! 🙂


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