Great Outdoors

Hello! How’s your day been? Hope it’s been great!

I’m here to share a layout I made recently about my first time helping out at the Aspire camp! This photo is taken almost 2 years ago at the December of 2012. I wanted to document my first camp because it’s been such a great experience to go back to the great outdoors! Ever since I entered University, I didn’t get the chance to go camping. It’s been my favourite activity and will always be.

It’s strange how I’m afraid of animals, insects, the dark, etc when I’m in a ‘city environment’. But once I go camping, I don’t mind the dirt, am not afraid of spiders, can fall asleep in the wild. Nature just transforms us doesn’t it?

Hope that I’m able to go camping for as long as I live, and serve the Scouting/ Guiding/ Youth community for as long as I’m able. 🙂

Great Outdoors 02

The circle stickers are actually from Kikki.K which my bestie gave to me! Love them!

Great Outdoors 04

Great Outdoors 03Hope you like the layout! 🙂

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