Flora and Fauna

Quite some time ago, I met a group of local scrapbooking friends through Instagram and they were organizing an ATC (artist trading card) swap. I was new to this whole swapping thing and it sounded fun so I joined in!

Our first theme was flora & fauna and each of us had to make 5 cards and mail them to the ‘hostess’. She would scramble them up and you’d receive 5 other cards in return! Super fun! 🙂

I didn’t know what better way to store them than to make a layout with them! That way, all the cards could go in my album! 🙂

flora and fauna 02

A group of really talented ladies with really fancy cards! I think mine was really plain and simple because, as I said, I was new to this ATC swap stuff. Glad I took inspiration from all these cards!

flora and fauna 03

Trying to make a fancy stitched title but it didn’t go very well so I had to add black outline.

flora and fauna 04

All the layering and stamping. Perfect!

flora and fauna 05

Hope you enjoyed admiring these cards and hope you’re inspired too! 🙂



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