Cameron Highlands Part 1

Hello! I’m finally blogging about our short getaway with Dennis to Cameron Highlands. I’ll be splitting this into a few parts (not sure how many yet) so be patient ya! 😉

It’s our second time there and yet another memorable trip because my hand and neck is covered with rashes and it’s realllyyyyyy itchy! Shall touch more about that later as I try to document this trip! 🙂 We departed from Singapore at about 10.30pm on 9th May (Friday) via Konsortium coach, and arrived at Cameron Highlands at about 8.30am the next day. A whooping 10 hours bus ride is insane!

2-way coach ticket SGD 110
Golden Mile Tower, Singapore
to Copthorone Hotel, Cameron Highlands

We loaded a few movies on Dennis’ tablet but only managed to watch half of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and spent the rest of the hours sleeping!

TIP #1: bring some sweets or sour plums because you might get nauseous on the journey!

The first rest point was at Yong Peng where we had yong tau foo for RM8. If I’m not wrong, the price had increased since we’d been there 2 years ago. /:

TIP #2: bring a thick shawl/ blanket and a pair of socks as the bus can get really cold at night!


Here’s my first layout to document the trip! I was trying to go for the retro scrapbooking look (where you cut & paste lots of stuff all over without much design intent) so you can see my photos and embellishments are all over the place. Hehe. Not sure if I liked it but it’s worth a try!

Cameron A 02

It was about 7.30am when I got woken up by some passengers on the bus who started chit-chatting. Also the bus was turning round and round, and I assume we’re reaching because we were going up the mountain. Unfortunately it took another hour before we reached the top of the mountain! Before going to the hotel, the bus would usually stop at Titiwangsa Tours and a guide would come up the bus to introduce the various tour packages they have. Since this is the second time we’re here, we only took 2 packages (jungle trekking and sunrise).

Cameron A 03

Arrived at Copthorne Hotel at 10am but our room was not ready for check-in, so we left our luggage at the deposit counter and left our mobile number for the reception to call us when the room was ready.

2 nights Superior Room MYR 552.16 (inclusive of taxes)
Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39100 Malaysia
Tel: +60-5496-1777

So off we went to fill our tummy! Found an eating place just 5 mins walk from our hotel. I don’t know why but there seems to be lots of houseflies in all the eating places. I’ve never dined at a restaurant where there was no housefly! /: Yikes, taking the hygiene in Singapore for granted!


Cameron A 05

Thereafter, we went to visit the bee farm. It was about 15 mins walk from our hotel. Turn right after reaching the main signboard of Copthorne Hotel.

Free entrance
75, Batu 43, Green Cow, 39100 Kea Farm, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Tel: +60-5496-1951

There wasn’t much to see as our main purpose was to buy honey. I really like their pure honey with no preservatives. You can also speak to some of the sales staff and they’ll let you try the different kinds of honey. Cheap and good! Tried to visit the apiary but a couple of bees were buzzing around and I got scared so we didn’t go near! 😛

TIP #3: wear sandals or slippers because it rains pretty often at Cameron Highlands. You don’t want to get your feet soaked in wet shoes!

Decided to explore the market near to our hotel. It was about 25 mins from the bee farm (or 10 mins from the hotel). The market was mainly selling souvenirs (strawberry printed products), some fruits and vegetables, and some street food stalls. Unfortunately, as we were about to head back to the hotel, it started pouring! We left our umbrella in our luggage so we were stuck in the rain. 😦 Hurriedly made our way back to the hotel as the rain got smaller. Needless to say, our jeans were drenched by the time we got back.

Cameron A 04

TIP #4: bring umbrella wherever you go! Sometimes raincoats work better since the rain can come in all directions and a couple sharing a small umbrella may not be enough.


We were disappointed that we were given 2 single beds even though our invoice was written ‘king sized bed’ but we weren’t too concerned about that. The basic toiletries were provided: shampoo, shower foam, bath towels, hair dryer. Since Copthorne is one of the most expensive hotels in Cameron, we expected the room to be big and pristine but the condition was the same as what we had at De’ La Ferns a couple of years back. The rate would be about MYR 40 cheaper than what we paid for Copthorne. Managed to get a hot shower, unpack, before heading out again to Big Red Strawberry Farm! Called a taxi from the hotel and it’s a flat rate of MYR 20 to Brinchang. Since Big Red Strawberry Farm was located in Brinchang, we got the taxi to drop us there instead. No extra charges! 🙂

Second layout!

Cameron B 02

Free entrance
Tel: +60-5491-3327

Since we have plucked strawberries on our previous trip here, we decide to give it a miss. Moreover it was too chilly out in the open so we decided to seek some warmth (if any) at the cafe. We tried 2 of their many strawberry dishes too!

Cameron B 03


P/s. the Must Try vellum knick knack is from my Travel collection, available at my Etsy shop! Note that the knick-knacks are printed on cardstock. If you want them to be on vellum, just leave me a message or email me! 🙂Cameron B 04

It started raining again and we decided to stay put until the rain stopped before we walked out to Brinchang. It was so cold that we had to buy a cup of noodles from the cafe just because we needed something warm. Anything at all!

TIP #5: bring heat packs/ gloves/ hand warmer. You’d never know when you might need them!

We spent about 2 hours at the farm just enjoying each other’s company, listening to the radio, rubbed our hands to keep ourselves warm, and praying the rain would stop soon! 😛

Cameron B 05

Stay tuned to the next post to find out what we did after the rain stopped! 😛


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