Hot Spring

Happy 4th of July to my friends in the US!

I would like to share a layout I made recently! Such a coincidence that the colours used are red, blue, and white. In line with Independence Day! 🙂

This was my first attempt at hot spring at Taiwan. We thought we could go to the public hot spring but we didn’t bring our swim suit on the trip. We figured it wasn’t worth it to buy a swim suit there because the public hot spring seemed crowded. We also didn’t budgeted a private hot spring package and we were lucky to chance across Broadway Hotel because they offered private hot spring in their hotel!

Unfortunately Dennis and I had to go to a separate one because it’s a fully naked hot spring. Yes, being an Asian I’m super uncomfortable to be stark naked in front of strangers. Thankfully the female section had only 4 other women in the mid-fifties. And they cannot be bothered to look at you. Haha!

Hot Spring 02

Hot Spring 03
Hot Spring 04

What an experience! And I would definitely want to try hot spring again! 🙂


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