April Project Life

Oh my how time flies! It’s the last day of June, that means half the year’s gone!

One of my goals this year is to design at least 6 sets of knick-knacks. That’s averaging 1 set every 2 months. It seemed like an achievable target because I created 5 sets last year. Just 1 more set this year, can’t be that tough right? Or so I thought…

I’ve only managed to design 2 sets (Birthday set and Everyday Sayings set) and half the year is gone!

But let’s not give up yet. Not until the year is over! Although the second half of the year is always busier, I hope it’ll get my engine running & my mojo kicking in! Let’s do it! 🙂

But first let me share my April pages. I’m so glad I managed to keep up. A spread a month is definitely working for me! For those who wish to embark on the Project Life journey, try to start slow. Monthly (instead of weekly) pages really helps! 🙂

Decided to use Echo Park’s Here and Now collection. It’s bright and colourful! Love it!

I tried gold embossing for my ‘April’ but it doesn’t turn out smooth and nice. I’m using Ranger’s gold embossing powder and I remembered I got a really nice effect previously. Wondered what I did wrong.

PL 04Apr A2

Did you notice the pink puffy sticker matches perfectly with this collection? Freckled Fawn’s April kit has really great colours of pink, teal, and gold. Love it!

PL 04Apr A5

Also managed to find stamp inks that match this colour theme!

PL 04Apr A3


Gold doily from the Oh Deer Me kit!

PL 04Apr A4


Right side. I penned down a whole chunk of thoughts and reflection because lots of things happened this month. With my grandma’s passing, I encountered the different faces of people. It began to shed light on certain things which have been kept in the dark all along.

But also because of this incident, Dennis has been with my family a lot. His constant support and presence means so much to me. It may just very well be a blessing in disguise. Thank you baby, I love you.

PL 04Apr B2

Lots of happy food this month to cheer me up!

PL 04Apr B3

Also using my Everyday Sayings knick knacks here!

PL 04Apr B4

Dessert is my comfort food!

PL 04Apr B5

Hope you enjoy the pages! 🙂



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