A Quick Update

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been away for the past 2 weeks! It was a busy period because it’s our semi-annual Aspire camp which Dennis and I are involved in. That took up the whole weekend. Shortly after that, I came down with stomach flu. Yikes! It’s my first time (I’ve always heard people saying they’re down with stomach flu and was wondering how that felt) and it feels terrible although just a mild one. My tummy was aching the entire time and I couldn’t stand for a long time. 😦 Glad I’ve recovered now!

Some photos to share!


Our dorm! My first time sleeping on top of a double-decker bed! Hehe.


Caught the beautiful sunset from Sarimbun. Love the gradient of the sky. It’s amazing!

aspire3Cooked lunch for the team. It’s essentially boiling water with chicken stock and all frozen food. Best comfort camp food, and an Aspire tradition!


Supper near NUS. Visited my alma mater for a quick shower! 😛


Lunch with my awesome team mates!!


Pills & more pills.

The boyfriend and I also decided to cook dinner last night because we haven’t cooked in a long time! Random menu of rosti with melted mozzarella, pan-fried cod with lemon & herb, and french onion soup! I’m super happy my rosti was a success (note to self: do not dump the entire packet of mozzarella onto rosti) and boyf’s onion soup was awesome too! 😀 #couplechef


Okay, that’s all for now! I promise to update more! 🙂


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