Think Positive

Not sure why before I went to bed last night, I picked up ‘The Secret‘ from my brother’s bookshelf and started reading it. It felt as though I was in search of positivity.

It’s indescribable so I shall not even try; it’ll probably end up like some verbal vomit.

And no, I wasn’t feeling upset/ down/ pathetic. Not even close! 🙂

Anyhow, I also came across this blog post today and felt inspired! 😀 To summarize, the blog is titled Drops of Awesome, and you would basically add drops of awesome into an awesome bucket whenever you have done something awesome. It’s something like the school of thought in The Secret, wherein you convert all negative thoughts to positive ones.

It made me realize there are so many wonderful awesome things in life to be thankful about! It’s just incredible!

Thinking back on our date on Friday, instead of whining ‘we’ve wasted so much time walking in circles in the downpour’, I should say ‘it’s awesome I get to walk in the rain with Dennis sharing a small umbrella so we had to hug tight’! 🙂

It’s amazing how just one thought can change the day. I know sometimes during PMS I get really cranky and upset and start thinking negative thoughts. It’s bad. Really bad. Because those thoughts just keep spiraling in a never-ending vicious cycle and one bad thought can lead to hundreds in just minutes. Yikes!

So I’m gonna ask myself “how can I be happy about this?” each time I encounter a difficult situation.

Train my brain to see happiness! 🙂

Link to this article, another great inspiration!

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