On my mind right now

So Dennis and I went to visit a monk today. The same one his parents always go to for consultation.

The reason was that his parents wanted to know when is a good date to get married. Chinese believe that by choosing an auspicious date to tie the knot will result in a smooth-sailing marriage, and a blissful wedded life.

I don’t quite enjoy such consultation because of the uncertainty that lies within. Example: you need to get married tomorrow!

Oh gosh.

Anyway, I grudgingly followed them to the consultation and alas, I was right!

The monk calculated based on many factors (our birth dates, our parents’ birth dates, our house unit, our zodiac signs, etc) and concluded that we should register our marriage at the end of this year. Our customary ceremony could wait till 2016 (which was as planned, phew!)

He also said our first child would be a girl!!

Now I have no qualms about registering our marriage this year, if it just means going to the ROM and signing a legal document. No, registering means you must inform your immediate family and your close friends and relatives, and invite them to the solemnization. Thinking about the crowd already sends chill down my spine.

There are a million questions buzzing in my head right now and I guess I will take some time to think through it with Dennis. Do we want to buy ring? How about a gown? How many people are we inviting? Is it a grand event or just a small one with his family and mine? Where are we going to have our solemnization? Is my dad okay with me being married in 10 months?

And a random thought just popped into my head, Dennis hasn’t proposed?! Hahaha.

It’s actually not important to me. I would rather get married quietly and have a happy wedded life! 😀

Okay pardon the lengthy post. I’ll be back with more scrapbooking stuff!


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