Happy Hearts Day

Hello and a happy Valentine’s day to you & yours! 🙂

Hope you’ve spent some quality time with your other half, and for single friends, happy friendship day! Dennis called me a day before the day, and asked if I was free for dinner. Yes of course I was! Who else would I spend Valentine’s with? Hehe.

It was a simple dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Nothing extravagant, nothing fanciful, but I like it this way. 🙂

We went shoe-shopping thereafter because he needed a pair of black shoes (imagine a man without a pair of black shoes – I thought it was a basic must-have!) for his upcoming CAC+US performance. We went to at least 5 shops before finding a suitable one at reasonable price. And bought it just minutes before the shop closed.

Thank you for spending the evening with me baby! 🙂

He also bought me a set of Pilot parallel pens! I loveeeee them!!


It was a mini surprise last weekend when he took out 1 pen and told me it was my Valentine’s day gift. I shrugged because it was just a pen. No doubt it was a ‘calligraphy’ tool but I wasn’t as into calligraphy as I was into handlettering. But when he took out 3 more pens, and a refill pack for 12 colours, and a pad of calligraphy papers, and a ‘How-To’ book on calligraphy, I was touched beyond words!

Thank you so so much baby! For being ever thoughtful and supportive of my hobby. For paying attention to little things I say and then springing a surprise on me because you know what makes me happy.

I’m so blessed.

Love you to the moon & back xx


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