Ushering the Year of the Horse

Hello & happy lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai (:

Chinese New Year has always been my most dreaded occasion of the year. Most of my friends seem to look forward to gathering with their relatives, collecting ang pow (red packet), and indulging in all the good food, but not me.

I haven’t exactly been close to my paternal side because of a very complicated family tree, which I’m not even gonna try to explain (basically dad was given away to his foster family when he was very young and this foster family had another step family). And ever since mummy’s passing, I haven’t been close to my maternal side as well. The only consolation is boyf’s family & his relatives! I love how easy-going they are!

We stuck to our ‘new’ tradition of having a simple reunion dinner on the eve of CNY. It’s not so much of a reunion as daddy, bro & I often have dinner at home together.

Bro decided not to go visiting with us this year due to personal reasons so it’s just daddy & I. Daddy also decided not to go to maternal grandma’s house for lunch on day 1 which caused some ‘noise’ at grandma’s house. So we had lunch at home, went to Bright Hill Temple to pay respect to mummy, then to maternal grandma’s house. Since we were later this year, we saw most of our closer relatives.

I’m glad I got to hang around with Khloe and Kaleb. They’re such cuties! A lot of people say Khloe looks like me! You decide.

Guess who’s who?

That awkward moment when one of my relatives said, “I think your daughter dropped this sticker.”

Omg do I look that old to have a 4 year old daughter??

Anyhow I blame it on our looks, and only our looks.

Here’s a family photo (I think this is only half of my relatives from my maternal side).

family pic

Then I took a train down to Pioneer to meet Dennis and to his paternal uncle’s house. I love how everyone talks to you like they know you. It’s really heart-warming. We then had a few rounds of blackjack (my baby won 2 bucks hur hur) before Dennis drove me home. Thank you baby! 😀

Day 2 was a super boring day because I had no one to talk to. All my paternal cousins seem so… distant. Everyone seems to talk to one another but me. I was texting Dennis the whole afternoon till I decided it was appropriate to excuse myself. Phew!

Day 3 was the busiest but happiest day! I went to Dennis’ house in the morning to officially wish his parents a good year ahead. Then we visited his maternal grandma who cooked 10 dishes for us!! 😀

It was nostalgic to eat all my fav dishes when I was a kid – onion omelette, sesame chicken, pig stomach soup, grandma’s pork chop! I must learn to cook these simple yet delicious food when I become a SAHM. Hehe.

Later in the afternoon we went to visit my maternal grandma, and hang out with some of my cousins.

After that we went back home where daddy cooked a yummy dinner. I love that I got to spend the whole day with my love!


Wishing you the best of the new year, happiness and great health, prosperity and abundance all year round! 🙂


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