Good Cho’s

Hey there! It’s time for our weekly dose of CSI. This week’s theme is kinda fancy and it challenges me to scrap in a fashion I would not normally do. Case file for #107.

107 flat

Here’s my layout!

goodchos 2

I used all 5 colours from the scheme. I love how the pink and gold pops out against all the neutrals! I decided to use multiple photos for this layout and and in order to keep them organized, I stitched grids so that each photo is enclosed in 1 grid.

Evidence: I love the cutesy umbrella in the scene and thought of Freckled Fawn’s wood chip which has some cute umbrellas too! I painted the wood chips white so that it could blend it better with the other embellishments. I went through my stash and picked out pink & gold embellishments for this page. 

Testimony: I love this page that we visited in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s a little unfortunate that the outdoor flea market wasn’t set up that day but we managed to browse through Simple Market & Good Cho’s. The assortment of knick-knacks were aplenty and it’s a crafter’s heaven! Many of the stuff were handmade by their local designers and I love all the packaging! It’s an awesome and cool place to visit!

Detailed shots:

goodchos 4

goodchos 3

goodchos 5

See you around at CSI!


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