Stay Positive

In need of some positive vibes right now.

Last month my popo was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure. Which means something needs to be done immediately or it’s life-threatening. I brought Dennis to meet popo for the first time and we went out for dinner thereafter. Praying for good health.

Then just last week, my uncle passed away due to a heart attack. It was so sudden. Though we’re not close, it’s still sad to receive such news of a family member.

positive quote

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I thought that I could take bad news much easier than others because of mummy’s passing 7 years ago. It’s one of the world’s toughest times to go through, seeing your mum being very sick and eventually going away. I thought that much pain and grief has numbed me made me a stronger person. But I was wrong.

I still dread receiving bad news, my hair still stands whenever I need to go to the hospital, it still makes my knees weak to see someone very sick.

May 2014 make me a stronger person!


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