To the love of my life

A Happy Birthday!!! 😀

Yes, Dennis turns 26 today! Though we’re of the same age, I somehow felt he’s older than me. That’s probably true considering our birthdays are almost a year apart. So on December of 1988, he’s already trying to stand up by himself (maybe walk a step or two?), learning how to mumble “mama” and “papa”, and even playing with people, while I’m being delivered into this world at the hospital.

Hahaha. See! He’s many months ahead of me!

Anyway, my love is down with stomach flu today so we had a simple date. 🙂 To the Little Prince Cafe, then Gardens by the Bay, and lastly dim sum for dinner! I’ll blog about those in a later entry. (Note to self: blog about zoo too!)

I also made a card and layout for him!

baby bday

I realized I didn’t give him a birthday card last year so I thought I shall make him one this year. If everyone gets a birthday card on his/her special day, I don’t see why the boyf should not get one! I added a flower (think: rose) because I love this quote from The Little Prince.

“It’s the time wasted on the rose that makes it so special.”

Every time I see a flower/rose, I think of this quote. Dennis introduced The Little Prince to me, and it’s his fav book. I have yet to finish reading the book but this quote always stuck with me. 🙂

And the layout which is stuck on his wall now! We have this annual routine of updating his birthday layout on his wall. I love it!





I’m also planning to make a tiramisu for him! 😀

Happy birthday once again baby. I love you! xx

*Linking this project up for Paper Issues’ In The Navy challenge!


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