Whoopie good news!

I’ve been really excited to share this news and I can finally spill the beans!!! 😀

So, about 2 months ago, Debbi from CSI approached me to be a Special Investigator for January. Of course I said yes! It was such an amazing opportunity!

This is the first case file for January (#104). I love the colours for this one!

104 flat

I used all 5 colours from the scheme. I was inspired by the colour of the wall and the poster on the bottom right – hence my title was in all white font.

Evidence: The different keywords seem to go very well together, hence I incorporated polka dots, doily, and hearts in the layout. The main highlight of the layout has got to be the frame. I love how this frame resembles some of the frames in the scene.

Testimony: I wrote my journaling in the frame. The title of this page is also inspired by the word ‘smiles’. I came across this quote and found it absolutely true. Happiness is something which we can never have too much of. I’m glad I have my sunshine boy as company. He’s also the one who makes things right!

Here’s my layout & I hope you play along too! 😀





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