I’m a quarter-centenarian

Yes I am! Suppose if I live to a hundred years, that means a quarter of my life gone *gasp*

Of course, let’s not focus on bygones and look forward to what’s coming next! To commemorate this life-changing milestone, my sweetest (and very talented) brother made this infographic/ print for me. I love it so much!!


I need to get this framed!!!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this print cannot be more apt. 4 major chunks of my life:

  • My scrapbooking hobby/ business at Dancing Quinn
  • My day job as a banker
  • My passion in Scouting/ Guiding (they belong to the same family)
  • And… the love of my life 🙂

Of course I think he missed out my dear friends whom I hold close to my heart as well. They know who they are because they’ve been with me through the many stages of my life. Love you friends! 🙂


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