Wedding Guestbook

A few months ago, I received a request to customize a wedding guestbook! It was the first of such requests and I was excited, yet hesitant about accepting such requests. Since I wasn’t sure if I was able to do a good job.

But we’ll never know until we try right? So after firming up the details with Joanna, I got down to making the guestbook. I must admit that this project took longer than expected because I didn’t know where to start. Here’s the finished guestbook with everything made from scratch. Yes even the book itself! Because Joanna wanted an accordion style guestbook which was handmade.


Joanna’s wedding theme was purple, hence I’ve chosen 2 shades of purple together with some white and silver to complement the colours.Ā 

Added lace, ribbon, and some glitter to create the overall soft and romantic vibes.


I also added this handmade paper flower as the main embellishment on the cover. I experimented with different papers and different folds and was finally satisfied with this! Paper cannot be too soft, otherwise the flower would collapse easily. I was also having a hard time gluing down the flower to ensure that it stays in place and would not come off. Thanks to my crafty bro for his ideas and suggestions, we managed to make it work! šŸ™‚


Joanna requested a picture of them to be added on the cover.


I hope Marcus & Joanna and their guests love the guestbook as much as I do! Congratulations and have a blissful married life šŸ™‚

Drop me an email if you have something to customize I would love to hear from you! šŸ™‚

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