Birthday month

December is my favourite month and has always been, because it’s my birthday month + Dancing Quinn’s anniversary + Christmas + welcoming the new year! It’s also the happiest and busiest month of every year. I love it! 😀

A while ago, I was thinking about what I did for my birthday last year and couldn’t recall much. I remembered I was at Aspire (Scouts camp). My birthday was on the last day of the camp, so we had a hearty lunch after packing up, and then… I can’t remember! 😦 I asked the boyfriend but he couldn’t recall as well.

Gahhh, I guess that’s what scrapbooking does – memory keeping! So I’m gonna scrap my birthday this year, and document a little down on this blog.

So on the eve of my birthday, we decided to go ice-skating (for free!) and watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug thereafter. Alas, we didn’t check on the free ice-skating ticket and when we arrived, they told us all the free tickets were given out. 😦 I was really upset (on the brink of tearing) because I’m a planning freak. I plan everything! And the trouble with that is that I cannot cope with things going wrong. Dennis on the other hand is a play-by-ear kinda guy. He likes making decisions on the go.

We eventually decided to go to the ice-skating rink at Kallang Leisure Park (KLP) instead, since we were super late for the available public slot at J-Cube. For the record, I travelled from Tampines to Jurong East (1 hour train journey) only to find out that we have to travel back to Stadium (45 minutes train journey) so I was really annoyed!

Poor Dennis had to tolerate a good 1 hour while I was fuming with rage at him.

To cut the long story short, we had a great time at KLP! I was learning to skate while holding on tightly to Dennis. A little too tightly I guess because I lost my balance and fell, dragging him down together. LOL.

Here’s us – while I try to keep my balance!

Will blog about my actual birthday celebration soon!

P/s. Pleasantly surprised when Google wished me a happy birthday!

bday google


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