A crisis?!

We’ve all heard of mid-life crisis, where you suddenly realize half of your life is gone and begin panicking.

But what about mid-twenties crisis?

Is there even such a thing???

So I googled, and voila – there is such a thing! It is also known as the quarter-life crisis (QLC) which is faced by graduates stepping into the real world. Worrying about paying the bills, finding a lifetime partner, fear of unemployment, etc.

The reason why I began putting some thoughts into this is because I suspect I might be going through a QLC. Haha. It’s funny because I haven’t hit 25 yet (but in less than a month I will). No, I haven’t been losing my appetite & crying a lot lately, but I feel less healthy. I feel that my body is aging. Which is scary because we all know the first wealth is health!

So I’m taking/ will be taking the following steps for a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Went for my first health screening and I almost freaked out at the blood test. Can you believe I’ve never taken any blood test in my life?! Totally panicked at ECG when I heard the machine beeped. Argh it must be the trauma from going to the hospital too much during mummy’s cancer journey.
  2. Went for  TCM consultation to strengthen the body. Traditional Chinese believe that the energy in your body is made up of blood and breath. Hence boosting these 2 elements will make my body stronger. Been taking bitter medicine twice a day.
  3. Will be attending yoga sessions starting this week. I’m looking forward! 😀

2 thoughts on “A crisis?!

  1. Hello Quinn! I have to say, I am going through this QLC currently. I just turned 25 in October and my life is… not where I want to be. I am feeling kinda blah lately, which I have to agree with you — I think it’s my body aging and without me exercising it has taken a toll. I am going to get back to yoga soon and to the doctor. I hope you are doing well =) XO Melissa

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