Book Depository

Last month my brother asked me to get a book for him from Book Depository. This is the 2nd time we’ve purchased from this site and I must say I’m super impressed with their service!

1) Free shipping worldwide. Granted they might not have the cheapest books but free shipping is always a plus! And shipping is always fast too!

2) Almost all titles are available there!

3) Superbly awesome customer service.

The book that we bought this time came with some stain on the cover. I guess it’s partly because it’s white. As in a big area of the cover is plain white. And it probably got stacked against a red book so there were some pinkish marks on the cover.

I email-ed them (with photo evidence), and they responded that they could give 50% refund. My brother (being OCD) wanted an exchange instead. So I asked if it could be done. They immediately replied that they would give another copy of the book and we could keep the ‘damaged’ one too.

Omg how great is such service?! Totally top notch customer service. Definitely my number 1 source for books now.

P/s. this is not a paid ad. I was really impressed that I had to blog.

P/p/s. having a tough time learning new stuff at work so my brain is too fried to think about anything else. Been having some “anxiety symptoms” too. Trying my best to cope!


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