The Only Constant

Is change.

I’m sure you agree with me on that cliche phrase! And there has been quite a few changes at work recently. I’m working in a leading global bank and we’ve seen nothing but changes since the day I joined. This is my first full-time job and it has certainly trained me to be more adaptable.

When I start getting used to the momentum and how things are going, boom! A management decision comes and hit us all in the face. I’m starting to like Change already.

I shall not divulge too much about my work but let’s just say I’m transferring to a new team/ role. I love it! It will be more analytical than my current role and I’m glad to secure this position. Ever since I graduated with a Bachelor in Economics in 2010, I’ve wanted to be an analyst. I love looking at data and trying to make sense of them. I know it’s kind of funny that I’m a geeky scrapbooker. 😀

Anyway, this is also the main reason why I haven’t been blogging this week. Work was crazy! I will try my best to craft and update this space soon! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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