Baby Steps to a New Home

Today Dennis and I went for our unit selection at HDB Hub! We’re now two grand poorer but very excited to embark on our new life! Our appointment was at 11.15am but we reached about 15 minutes earlier to look at the 3D models on display. We changed our minds just before we stepped into the office because our top few choices were actually blocked by a preceding block. It wasn’t obvious on the sales brochure but the 3D model showed otherwise.

This is an artist impression of our new flats!


The instructions on the website were pretty clear but the officer needed us to submit more documents. So we had to print them on the spot. Few pointers to note:

  1. Choose your unit(s) before your appointment (have about 5 choices just in case)
  2. Decide if you want to opt in for the Optional Component Scheme (additional $10k)
  3. Remember your SingPass (if you need to print additional documents)

The procedure was pretty fast; just had to sign a few documents. We had some questions and didn’t bring enough documents so it took a little longer. The officer was an old lady but she was really patient when explaining some forms to us so that was good.

So this is it! We just have to wait 3-4 years for the building to complete before we can collect the keys to our new home.

P/s. I have yet to tell daddy about this and I’m sure he will get a shock about my latest purchase 😛

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