Cute Cards for the Cutest Kids

Yikes I’m really excited because Amy Tan just shared my layout on her blog!!! *happy dance* I’ve been a really big fan of her because her works are always so inspiring. Not to mention her collection with American Crafts always make me want to buy & hoard them all! Check out my featured instagram layout here!

It was such a coincidence because the featured layout is on my 2 fav kiddos and I recently made birthday cards for them!

First one’s for Davian (coincidentally the siblings have birthdays in August!). He is indeed a star; I heard he has been doing very well in school and sometimes teaching mei mei in her work. I’m glad he’s become an obedient big boy now!

Used the Toy Cars washi tape because I realize all boys (young or old) love cars! There just a few more left in my shop if you wanna get one too! I also painted the wood veneers gold & yellow to match the washi tape.


Next one’s for Claudette – the sweet princess who now “loves red more than pink”. Hearing kids these days talk like an adult is just too adorable! I made her something sweet and colourful. She will be going to school next year and I hope she grows up well in school!

Made her a washi tape banner with pastels and lace patterns. Love the delightful cut-out from Amy Tangerine’s Yes Please collection! 🙂



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