Little Red Rocks

Wow what a fun weekend it was for me at Little Red Rocks (hands on maker faire at East Coast Park). Slightly over a month ago, I was invited by the organizers to conduct a workshop at this carnival by the beach. I was thrilled at the opportunity and begin churning out ideas for my workshop.

After some consideration, I finally decided to teach DIY Post-it Sleeves!

I figured they were useful and simple enough to make (in less than 90 mins) for children and adults! Plus, the colourful washi tapes are sure to light up anyone’s face.



Due to my 2 weeks in Taiwan, I didn’t have much time to prepare for the workshop and was really trying to squeeze all the energy I had after work to prepare my kits and booth setup. Unfortunately I overestimated my abilities and was panicking the night before the event. I was making kits as fast as my fingers could work!

Thankfully the weather was good, the crowd was nice, the workshop was fun and everyone had a good time! Would love to do this again! 😀



I’m also extremely blessed with these angels. Sis Marilyn & Kenny decided to surprise me in the morning. I took about 3 seconds to recognize who she is when she popped up in front of me. Guess my mind is not the most alert early morning! 😛 Thank you both for breakfast and the great help during the workshop!

Of course, my love Dennis for being with me the whole day, helping me to lug the goods from my house to the beach, buying food, taking pictures, tending to the booth while I was teaching, and being ever so supportive! 😀 I love you baby and no amount of words can express that.


I’m glad the event was a success and I’ve the following take-away:

  1. No such thing as too early to prepare! In fact, as a girl guide I should always Be Prepared.
  2. Need some “boy” kits as well. Little boys sure dislike flowers, hearts, and anything pink!
  3. More items to display at my booth. Scrapbook pages should be standing and not laying flat.
  4. Some snacks and water to be in my bag in case I have no time to buy food.
  5. Need a photographer next time! Not enough photos taken! Because I’m a scrapbooker. Haha.

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