Blow Out Those Candles

Phew weekends are so precious, they fly by in the blink of an eye! Sometimes I just wish I don’t have a day job so that I can craft as much as I love. Anyhow, I’m here to share a birthday card I made for Yushu dearest. I love the second half of the year because that’s when all the action begins. Birthdays & more birthdays (more often than not they are one after the other), planning for vacation, lots of catching up with old friends.

Kickstarting this chain of events is Yushu’s birthday and I made this pretty pink card for her. I love how the sequins complement the circles in the background.

B yushu 2013 01

Love Paper Bakery flairs! Unfortunately I think Singapore’s climate a little too humid for flair buttons. I was going through my stash and realize some of my flair buttons are rusting inside. It’s such a pity 😦

B yushu 2013 02

Also love that chevron washi tape at the bottom of the card. Perfect combination of pink, yellow, purple for this card! Hope you have a good crafty weekend!

B yushu 2013 03


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