2 QT Pies

Terribly sorry for missing in action for the past 3 weeks! After my previous post, I was busy preparing for my Scouts camp. It wasn’t just an ordinary camp; I was involved in ASPIRE (one of the components of getting a President’s Scout Award). The PSA is the highest award any Venture Scout can attain so it’s really quite a major event. ASPIRE is held twice a year so I’ll be really swamped in June and December.

After which we had lots of follow up for review and tallying the scores. And since I was on leave, I went back to work with lots of emails staring at me. Eeeks. Nevertheless, I’m here to share a layout I made!

I really love this patterned paper from Studio Calico and had the inspiration to make a layout because misting is in trend right now. I don’t own any mists (yet) so I thought this paper is perfect since it’s already printed with the misting effect.

Decided to scrap a layout of my 2 favourite kiddos. They’re my bestie’s neighbours and they are such a sweet pair of siblings. I’ve kept the colour scheme close to the colours of the background paper – mainly red, orange and yellow. Really love how it turns out.


Used lots of chipboard embellishments and the instagram flair is just too cute beside them!


The title of this page just about summarizes everything. Cuties! I also inverted a number ‘3’ to form ‘E’ in PIES because I ran out of ‘E’s. Don’t we all face that all the time? /:


I also doodled on the chipboard to fill the space “oh so cute”. Need to practice writing in pretty cursive handwriting. I also finished off the page with tiny brads around the areas where I had clusters of embellishments.




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