Celebrating 1,095 days

Phew I’m finally back after 2 weeks! Sorry for the disappearing act because Dennis’ final exams just ended so we’ve been spending a little more time with each other. Since the start of this year, life has been really hectic especially at work. The never-ending emails and workload is taking a toll on me. Similarly for Dennis who hasn’t been very pleased with his teammate and feeling stressed over his project. Our communication became one-way because I just want to rant at the end of a long day, and he’s just harping over “o-ring, pressure test, overhaul, end caps” none of which makes much sense to me.

This suddenly made us stop & think. And realize how we’re actually drifting apart. I guess it’s also a blessing in disguise because we now realize how important we are to each other. And once again, communication is the key. It’s cliche but very apt right now.

Okay, enough of the downs. We actually celebrated our 3rd anniversary last week! It was awesomeee! We started the day with a hearty breakfast, followed by boardwalk to Sentosa. He bought tickets to Adventure Cove and SEA Aquarium and we spent the entire day just having fun! (Thank you baby for planning everything, right down to my packing list!)

Love this picture of us in the reflection of Rainbow Reef. There are hundreds of colourful fishes in the tank. We didn’t have time for this so this gives us another reason to return.


Can’t wait to develop all the photos and do some scrapping! I also made a mini album for Dennis because he’s a big fan of my works! (; Just a collection of our favourite memories from the past 3 years. I laid out the individual pages so that I don’t have to take 20 photos 😛

anni album 1

This is actually the last page of the album but I put it facing the cover page so that the other pages match. While doodling this quote, I realized how blessed I am to have Dennis in my life. How much he actually loves me even though sometimes his nonchalance doesn’t show. He has truly made me a better and stronger person in many ways. I love you baby (‘:

anni album 0

Much like scrapbooking layouts, I made a “double-page” so that it actually seems like it’s supposed to be joined together. I also came across this tip of using the outline of your alphabet stickers if you’ve ran out of letters. Perfect!

anni album 2

anni album 3


anni album 4

I love the bottom row, yet another double-paged because it shows our annual photos taken at his CAC+US performance. It’s like a mandatory shot for us now. Year 2012 was skipped because he was in the States. Hope you enjoyed the pages! (:

Be thankful for every moment.


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