Best of Luck Baby

Dennis’ final exams for this year is around the corner and I thought I’d make him a motivational card. A lot has been going on with his AUV (automated underwater vehicle) project which led to lots of stress and tension between him and his team mates. He’s also made the decision to reduce his commitment to the project, which also means he will not be going to the States later this year. I’m glad I’m always there to support his decision and with the upcoming exams, I hope he finds inspiration and motivation to work harder! 😀


Yes I know you are peering closely at the corner of the ampersand. I accidentally tore it while making the card and since I was rushing, I didn’t have time to re-do it. Let’s just call it perfectly imperfect!

This card is largely inspired by Scrap Your Stash video on TwoPeas. Here’s a mini tutorial on how I made it.

First, I typed the quote on my Studio software and replaced the ampersand with a more fancy font. The edge of my ampersand was already weaken with the poor cut.


Then I flipped it over and used ribbons and washi tapes to add colours to the quote. It was at this stage that I didn’t realize there were some glue on my cutting map. When I flipped the card back up, the cardstock tore. 😦


Next I decided to add some chevrons to the top and bottom of the card since it was quite empty. To salvage the torn cardstock, I used some brads to cover up. Lastly, I stamped stars all over to fill up the space.


For the inside of the card, I used 2 printable journalling cards and added my knick-knack at the corner. This will be upcoming on my shop soon! Finished it off with some stamping and washi tapes.




  • All the washi tapes are available at my Etsy shop
  • Ribbons and brads from my stash; my Silhouette Cameo

2 thoughts on “Best of Luck Baby

  1. Hello!. I saw your blog featured in DieCut Crazy magazine and liked this card that was presented as part of the article. I’m glad you showed how you did this as I would not have guessed at your process. Love the fun colourful letters and it’s a great sentiment too. Well done.

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