#IGfriendstagswap Round 6 – Rainbow

Time really flies and I can’t believe we’re into round 6 of the #IGfriendstagswap already! For those of you who don’t have Instagram, the hashtag is just a way of “categorizing” topics such that all the relevant photos will be found together when you search by the hashtag. So my IG friend, Sya, introduced me into this tag swap group. We have a theme every month and each of us will be creating some tags to mail it to the hostess. She then mix it all up and mail it back out so each of us receives a set of varying tags. It’s super fun & inspiring to see what everyone has come up with.

This month (March) I was the hostess so the theme I came up with was: Rainbow! I thought it was such a fun theme because all the new collections out in the stores are so colourful & bright. I thought we could all do something loud! Anything rainbow coloured (ROYGBIV), rainbow motifs, phrases or quotes involving rainbows would work. Here’s my take.


You can see that the background is imperfect because I wanted that water colour effect. I used my mini ink pads to brush across white cardstocks to achieve that look. The colours turned out really bright and bold! For each tag, I added Daily Dose embellishment from my shop.



Hope you like them too! I just realized I have not posted the previous swap (Round 5) but I will do it soon. Happy Easter everyone! 🙂


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