SC You’ve Got Mail Weekend Challenge

I’m so excited to attend my first online class with Studio Calico! I didn’t check what time the class was starting; all I know was that it’s on 1st March. So the impatient enthusiastic me kept refreshing the classroom to see if the materials were posted yet. Imagine my excitement when I found out it was starting at 9pm [SGT]! I was practically jumping for joy and downloading the class PDFs. Haha if only I was as hardworking back in school đŸ˜›

I’m loving all the printables and cuts available to us! Can’t wait to get them printed. Also, I really enjoy “meeting” friends from all over the world in the classroom. Anyway, Lisa posted a weekend challenge to get us started and I was so inspired looking at all the submissions in the gallery. Here’s my take!


I was dying to try out the cute cake stamp and I now declare I’m in love with it. It’s the perfect birthday cake stamp! But I’m not sure if mine is defective as the candle flames are not aligned to the candles. I’ve written an email to Studio Calico and I’ll update the outcome.





  • Papers from Clever Handmade Above The Clouds; SEI Happy Day; Crate Paper Neighbourhood
  • Stamps from SC You’ve Got Mail
  • My Mind’s Eye Enamel Dots

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