Less than a week to March

Hello there, just dropping by to say a quick hi! I’ve been busy because Dennis sprang a surprise on me (what’s new) with the request to make 24 tags for his club – Breakinus! He wanted to give them little note of thanks after their annual CAC+US performance, as well as “to spread the word on my Etsy shop”! Aww thanks baby.

So yes, I only have 5 days to work on those tags. Bearing in mind I’m holding a 8-5 job, plus I had 2 dinner appointments that week. I was struggling to design masculine tags because all I could think of was no hearts, no flowers, no pink nor red. Ugh! What options was I left with? Thankfully my creative juices were cooperating and I managed to finish all the tags in time! Here’s a look!


I’m glad they turned out good! Hope the recipients like them too. Anyway, back to the title of this post, I’m so looking forward to March!

  • I can’t wait for my first Studio Calico class!
  • We’re gonna try to apply for a flat (house) again!
  • It’s Dennis’ big robotic competition!

More busy days lined up ahead and I’m excited! 🙂 Have a great day!


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