My Paper Love Hunt 2013

So Dennis and I were among the 50 couples who got selected (out of 800 applications) for the My Paper Love Hunt organized by My Paper (Singapore’s only bilingual paper for young professionals on the go) and Bugis+ and Bugis Junction. We arrived slightly late because Dennis was held up at his Scouts activity earlier on, so we were couple number 40 at the registration booth.


Each couple was given a lollipop (signage) which must be carried at all times, and headbands to be on the head at all times. The briefing was only at 2.30pm so we had plenty of time to spare. Went to grab a bite, drink lots of water, visit the restroom and changed into pink or red shirts. Here we are!


The rules of the game was simple but I didn’t expect it to be so physically exhausting! We ran from one mall to another and ran up the escalators till my legs almost gave way. Thankfully I picked up jogging 2 weeks ago so that really helped a lot 😀

Before the kick-off, we had some warm-up exercise and cheering to energize ourselves. Try to spot us in the picture below!

There were 16 stations and we had to complete all of them within 2 hours. The first couple to do so will get a free trip to Hong Kong! Runners up receive jewellery from Gold Heart. We were almost close to winning! I *think* we came in 5th.

I shall list down a few of my favourite stations:

1) We had to dress in same colour combination at Aeropostale.
2) We had to pose like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and John Trevolta at Billy Bombers.
3) We had to balance 3 ice cream cups on our head and walk in a straight line at Marble Slab.
4) We had to pass the taste test at Frolick.
5) We had to find the prices of 3 household appliances at BHG.
6) We had to dance Gangnam Style at the fountain.
7) We had to paint each others’ nails at Nail Buffet.
8) We had to drink a bowl of Laksa with straws.

These were some of the more interesting ones and we really had fun acting silly in public. Thank you baby for being so sporty and joining me in the silly antics on the quest to get that top prize. Unfortunately we did not manage to complete all 16 stations within 2 hours but it was all in the name of fun!


Last but not least, group shot after the prize presentation. I’m glad we “celebrated” Valentine’s Day a little differently this year. This event is definitely going into my scrapbook album! How about you? What are your plans for Valentine’s? 🙂

*some photos credit to My Paper and Bugis+ Facebook page.


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