Trial Cuts

How’s your weekend going? Yesterday was furniture shopping day for Dennis and I because he wanted to revamp his room. We went to Ikea Tampines only to realize the desk he wanted was out of stock. So off we went to Ikea Alexandra. Thankful his parents came along so we had a car! We bought 1 desk, 1 desk shelf, 1 office chair, couple of photo frames, 1 shelf for his parents, and a dustbin. Haha. Can’t wait for assembly and the new look!

Anyway, I’m here today to share a little bit more about my Silhouette Cameo. Did I already mention that it is beyond awesome?! Here are some cuts I’ve made with my Cameo and I’m still learning. It’s awesome because I can design and print what I want. Certainly helps to save the costs of buying more & more & MORE embellishments *guilty* I also realize that the Cameo’s cuts depend greatly on the cardstock used. I tried it with DCWV first, and the cardstock was too fibrous. Ended up with messy finishing. The shiny cardstock from DCWV proved to be slightly different though. Here’s how they look!


Love it! Clean cuts even for delicate edges (see the ‘E’). Here’s the setting I used:
Speed – 1 // Thickness – 15 // Blade – 3

Actually the speed can be adjusted higher but I’ve yet to explore that aspect. Usually it’s better to start at 1 and see how fast you can go without affecting the cut.

I also played with Bazzill cardstock. The one I tried was the embossed one and they are close to perfect too! The only uneven part was the left of the Eiffel tower seen below. Setting was:
Speed – 1 // Thickness – 15 // Blade – 3


Check out the intricate cuts for my Eiffel towers! Some spots are merely 1mm by 1mm and the Cameo does it. Brilliant! πŸ˜€


I also played around with fonts because they are free and cute! Cameo can cut those too! So love the clouds. I think I’m gonna cut them in different colours & sizes.


Ok, I’ll update again when I have the chance to play with my Cameo. Meantime, do drop me a comment if you have any questions! πŸ™‚

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